Lactocore Logo
Lactocore logo
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Biomedical company Lactocore develops production technology for a line of products that help middle-aged people resist stress. The products’ formula is based on naturally occurring peptides, therefore Visual Science used a model of alpha helix in short peptide as a base for company’s new logo. The logo reflects both Lactocore’s technology and the importance of scientific research to the company.

In addition to creating its main line of products, Lactocore leads more fundamental R&D in partnership with other biotech startups. To point this out we proposed a variation of logo layout that includes a corresponding capture. Another idea was to transform logo into symbols suitable for marking Lactocore product packaging.

  • Alpha helix in short peptide

    Alpha helix in short peptide

  • Monochrome version of the logo

    Monochrome version of the logo

  • Lactocore logo

    Lactocore logo variations

  • Lactocore logo variations

    Logo transformed into symbols suitable for marking product packaging

  • Package with Lactocore logo

    Product package with Lactocore logo

According to Lactocore CEO Anton Malyshev, the company is satisfied with the result: “We were pleased by Visual Science’s serious and thorough approach to our small project. The company not only made a beautiful logo for us, but created a whole conception that can be developed in the future and successfully used for all corporate activities. After finishing our R&D and launching the product line we will not only actively use all provided materials but, probably, come back to Visual Science for additional ones”.

Visual Science team developed design of package and operating manual for the device; the latter took into account all the technical properties of the device and the needs of the target consumer working in the lab. We are very impressed with the quality of work, professionalism, and the level of scientific knowledge and expertise demonstrated by Visual Science team. We are delighted to recommend Visual Science as a reliable partner in design and public communication projects for medical and biotechnological companies.
D. A. Sakharov
CEO of the SRC "BioClinicum"