Scientific 3D animation for Chemogenetics Platform

Redpin Therapeutics
Redpin Therapeutics

Redpin Therapeutics, a privately held, preclinical-stage gene therapy company, is creating a proprietary chemogenetics platform to develop targeted cell therapies addressing currently intractable diseases of the nervous system.

Nine months after project completion, Redpin was acquired by Kriya Therapeutics.

Series A

$20.5M raised

Project Goal

For Redpin Therapeutics, we made scientific 3D animation and illustrations. These scientifically accurate materials are explicitly designed for the investor deck and corporate communications.
Drug molecule targeting a protein
Human brain with the seizure origin site
Schematic visualization of the nerve signal
Working synapse with native ion channels
“Visual Science was able to present our technology in a very accessible, accurate and attractive fashion. Through this superb animation, we are able to communicate a complex biological system in just a few minutes.”
AAV vector approaching neuron
Synapse with chimeric ion channels
Engineered ion channel assembly

The Process

Animation type:
Project timline:
8 weeks
2 zoom calls + 5 e-mail feedback sessions
Find out which of our 26 scientific animation options works best for investor relations and communications in 2023:
For this project, we followed our standard production process, which has been refined over hundreds of projects. The process includes five main steps and four intermediate review steps, giving clients complete control over the final result, with only a few Zoom calls and 2-4 feedback sessions over email. This approach is particularly useful for early-stage private and public companies without a dedicated communications team, where the C-suite typically oversees animation projects. Our team of qualified PhD or MD experts is involved in every stage of the planning, discussion, and production process, making this possible.

Why did we use this animation type?

We opted for our Main 3D animation type for this project because it can showcase the technology from the body down to the molecular level, making it an effective tool for communicating complex scientific concepts. It also has a cinematic quality, which captivates audiences and effectively conveys any mechanism of action. This makes it the ideal choice for projects where both scientific accuracy and the ability to attract and retain audience attention are critical, such as visuals for investor relations and communications with key opinion leaders.

Full animation

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