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Stunning imagery
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Dr. Jennifer Doudna
Nobel Laureate 2020
Visual Science has
produced excellent work!
Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier
Nobel Laureate 2020

We've been building high-end MoAs, MoDs, decks and apps for early-stage companies, Fortune 500s, Nobel laureates, and Nature since 2007.

Diabetic Macular Edema therapy MoA

The quality of the work from Visual Science was outstanding. They provide a bespoke service that was responsive to our requests and I would recommend them highly.”

MoA animation for the platform

3D scientific animation (8 weeks)
Visual Science was able to present our technology in a very accessible, accurate and attractive fashion. Through this superb animation, we are able to communicate a complex biological system in just a few minutes.”

MoA for Drug-Hunting Platform

High-end 3D + 2D (6 weeks + extended review)
Visual Science is a fantastic partner, capable of rendering the most complex science in compelling ways. They understood the science, and their production was excellent.”

MoA pH-Low Insertion Peptides

High-end 3D + 3D (9 weeks)
The animation clearly reflects the complicated molecular mechanism of action of our molecules. We love the quality of the product.”

SARS-CoV-2 virus

High-end 3D (5 weeks)
In their usual stunning style, the talented animators at Visual Science have created a model of the SARS-CoV-2 virus particle. These gorgeous visuals will enhance our understanding of the virus particle.”

CRISPR/Cas genome editing

Attention to detail, beautiful imagery and in-depth information about the CRISPR-Cas mechanisms. This is a perfect example of how complex biochemical processes on the molecular level can be visualized. Visual Science has produced excellent work!”

Identification of target DNA

High-end 3D MoA (6 weeks)
That is really beautiful! You all did a very good job with it. It looks (and sounds) fantastic!”

Laterally spreading AAV.SPR vector

3D MoA animation (9 weeks)
We are very pleased with Visual Science — they are a very responsive group to work with and the final product is exactly what we had envisioned.”

Virus-based immunotherapy platforms

3D animation (7 weeks + extended review)
Beautiful work that is detailed and thoughtful. Great final output."

MoAs on novel targeted therapies

3D + Pathway3D (12 days)
The creativity, scientific competency and professionalism of the Visual Science team not only enabled the generation of high-quality images, but also made it a pleasure to work with them.

We provide world-class scientific visualizations to support investor relations, HCP communications, and patient education.

Scientific credibility

We're the only company on the market with an in-house scientific modeling department, consisting of PhD- and MD-qualified specialists. We combine computational biology methods with film industry technologies to create visualizations that are striking and precise.

Highly customizable

We offer four medical animation styles — High-end 3D, 3D, 2D, and Deck3D™ — in 26 configurations to meet your organization's needs. These range from atomic resolution High-end 3D to Deck3D with its unmatched price-quality ratio.

Low client involvement

Our scientific and communications expertise lets us do the heavy lifting with minimal client input. A typical project requires just 4 rounds of feedback over email or Zoom. This gives clients full control without the need to micromanage.

We revolutionized the field by bringing computational biology methods to medical animation, earning an international reputation for excellence along with hundreds of millions of views.

Visual Science spent months combing through the latest research, compiling data from more than 100 papers and assembling the information into a coherent image.”
Wonder how accurate it really is? It got the thumbs-up from none other than Jennifer Doudna, one of the people who helped discover and refine CRISPR techniques!”
This is the most detailed 3D model we have of the influenza virus. Built by Visual Science that creates hyper-accurate 3D replicas of microscopic objects, the model aims to boost understanding of the bug.”
Visual Science created this highly detailed scientific 3D animation to illustrate the complexity of the SARS-CoV-2 virus particle. Spike proteins are shown on an unprecedented macro level.”
The engrossing [Zika] images come courtesy of Visual Science, that was previously recognized by Science Magazine for its illustration of the human immunodeficiency virus.”
Using a data from more than 100 studies, Visual Science created the most comprehensive model of the HIV virion to date.”

Frequently asked questions

How do you ensure scientific accuracy?

Visual Science was founded by scientists. Most of our team members are PhD- or MD-qualified. We're also the only company of our kind with an in-house scientific modeling department. The accuracy of our work has been recognized by Science magazine, Nature, the National Science Foundation, the American Chemical Society, and Nobel laureates.

Who are your clients?

We primarily work with Fortune 500s, small- and mid-cap public companies, early-stage biotech and pharma companies, academic institutions, and government agencies.

What is your area of expertise?

We've completed 350+ projects, covering drugs and technologies for most medical indications and novel therapies. It's likely that we've produced visualizations in your area of expertise.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in New York City, but we have dedicated client teams in every major region. Past clients have been from US, Canada, UK, EU, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

Can you help with a website?

Yes. We specialize in biomedical animation, graphic design, and web development and will gladly assist with digital assets for investor relations, HCP communication, and web presence.

How much input does the project require from the client?

A typical animation involves 1-2 Zoom calls and 3-5 feedback sessions over e-mail. Our process includes four review steps, giving clients full control over the final product. The entire review process usually takes only a few hours of clients' time.

Do you assist with PR?

No. Despite our PR expertise and market-leading media coverage, we prefer to stay laser-focused on storytelling, scientific accuracy, and visual impact. However, we're glad to share our expertise, gained over 15+ years, with clients' PR teams and agencies.
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