MoA animation about pHlip's targeted peptides

pHLIP, Inc is a privately-held clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving patient outcomes and saving lives, using its proprietary peptide-based targeted delivery platform to treat cancer, inflammation and other acidic tissue diseases.

Project Goal

Create a Mechanism of Action animation for investor relations and the client's website explaining the platform's molecular principles and highlighting its strengths
Separation of the drug molecule from the peptide
Therapeutic agents entering the cell
Drug molecule enters the cytoplasm
“The animation clearly reflects complicated molecular mechanism of action of our molecules. We love the high quality of work!”

The Process

Animation type:
Main 3D + High-end 3D
Project timline:
9 weeks
1 zoom calls + 8 e-mail feedback sessions
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We followed our standard production process, which has been refined over hundreds of completed projects. This process includes five production steps and four intermediate review steps, allowing clients to have complete control over the final result. During each review step, we send the most important intermediate results to the client for review, minimizing the need for direct communication and saving our client's valuable time. This approach is particularly useful for early-stage private and public companies without a dedicated communications team, where the C-suite is typically in charge of communication projects. The project was completed in 9 weeks, with communication mainly through email and two zoom calls as needed.

Why did we use this animation type?

For this project, we used a combination of our Main 3D animation and High-end 3D animation types. The animation covered four aspects of the technology, from targeting and delivery to mechanisms and cure options. Our Main 3D animation type presented the anatomical level and visualization of the cells, while the High-end 3D type demonstrated the conformation change and membrane insertion of the pHLIP peptides. To achieve the highest scientific accuracy while displaying different cure options, we created peptide computational models with various molecular cargoes and used molecular dynamics simulations to show the conformational change in the peptide. The High-end 3D MoA type of animation is our specialty and has no equivalent on the market in terms of detail and scientific accuracy. Several of our projects using this visualization type have been awarded the title of best scientific visualization by Science Magazine and the National Science Foundation, and have also been included in presentations by Nobel Laureates and in Cell Journal's gallery of the 10 most important images in the history of the HIV virus' discovery.

Additionally, one of the client's requirements was to tell the story on multiple organism levels simultaneously. To meet this request, we suggested using a split-screen technique, showing the same process at two levels using two animation types, High-end 3D and Main 3D, side by side.

Full animation

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