Laterally spreading AAV.SPR vector. 3D MoA animation

Atsena Therapeutics is a clinical-stage gene therapy company focused on leveraging the life-changing power of genetic medicine for the reversal or prevention of blindness.

Series A

$55M Raised

Project Goal

Animations for investor and corporate communication.
Human eye inside the orbit
Foveal region before the injection
Foveal cones after the therapeutic transduction
“We are very pleased with Visual Science — they are a very responsive group to work with and the final product is exactly what we had envisioned.”

The Process

Animation type:
Project timline:
9 weeks
2 zoom calls + 4 e-mail feedback sessions
Find out which of our 26 scientific animation options works best for investor relations and communications in 2023:
Atsena Therapeutics requested two MoA animations for investor relations and the general audience. Our scientific team carefully studied the Atsena technology's background before creating first-draft animation scripts. After discussing these scripts with the client, we made several updates based on Atsena's feedback, before beginning production.

The production process included standard steps, starting from storyboards and moving forward to draft animatics and final renders. Visual Science conducted this process independently, avoiding constant client involvement, but Atsena's team reviewed each step's results and proposed changes to the Visual Science team. As a result, the client maintained full control of production, without a significant time commitment.

Why did we use this animation type?

This animation was fully created in 3D — the gold standard approach for the most eye-catching result. No animated infographics or sophisticated molecular simulations were required to show the mechanisms behind the technology. However, the final result includes animated captions to ensure certain scenes are clear for the audience.

Full animation

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