MoA animations about virus-based immunotherapy platforms

Candel Therapeutics develops investigational viral immunotherapies for cancer designed to produce a individualized response for long-lasting protection.


Project Goal

Create a set of two explainer animations with consistent style that would show the composition and mechanism of action of two different immunotherapeutic vaccines.
DNA with acyclovir
Adenoviral vector
Immune cells attack NSCLC cells
"Beautiful work that is detailed and thoughtful. Great final output."
HSV vector particle
Death of infected glioma cells
Human brain with glioma site

The Process

Animation type:
3D/High-End 3D + 2D
Project timline:
15 weeks (with extended review)
6 zoom calls + 8 e-mail feedback sessions
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Both animations were developed within the same timeline. Each of the 4 review steps common for our standard workflow included feedback sessions on the same stages of the production for each animation. Usually our timeline has 48 hours for each intermediat stage review. In this project we extended the timeline in order to give our client more convenient timeframe of 1 week to provide a combined feedback during each review. We believe that flexibility is important in communication with the clients, and we want to make sure that our clients have conveniant timeframe to summarize all the feedback on their side.

Why did we use this animation type?

We used our gold standard 3D style with elements of high-end 3D and infographic 2D animation because different key messages required different approaches. Regular 3D was used to visualize anatomical objects and cellular interactions while high-end 3D was employed to show detailed and scientifically accurate visualization of complex viral vectors in the core of the depicted technologies. During these project we made scientifically accurate models of adenoviral vector and a much more complex herpes simplex viral vector with envelope, inner proteins and DNA. 2D infographic elements used in the animations illustrated pipelines and schematic gene constructs.

Case study animation

Full animation: CAN-2409

Full animation: CAN-3110

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