Scientific 3D Animation for Drug-Hunting Platform

Scorpion Therapeutics is developing a drug-hunting platform based on diversified and deeply-integrated pipelines including the latest advances in cancer biology, medicinal chemistry, and data science.

Series B

$294.68M raised

Project Goal

Create a scientific explainer animation for investor communications and the client website to highlight the platform's strengths and explain its molecular principles.
Drug molecule targeting a protein
Drug molecule targeting a protein
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase with inhibitor
Single nucleotide mutations in a DNA molecule
“Visual Science is a fantastic partner, capable of rendering the most complex science in compelling ways. They understood the science, and their production was excellent.”
From molecular factors to gene networks
Drug molecule approaching a cryptic binding site
Drug molecule approaching a cryptic binding site
Transcription factor dissociating from DNA

The Process

Animation type:
High-End 3D + 2D
Project timline:
10 weeks
5 zoom calls + 7 e-mail feedback sessions
Find out which of our 26 scientific animation options works best for investor relations and communications in 2023:
Visual Science employs a low client involvement strategy to optimize client time. Our standard production process, refined over numerous projects, involves five main steps and four intermediate review steps. At each review stage, we send the most crucial intermediate results to the client for review, granting them complete control over the final product. This approach is especially useful for early-stage private and public companies without a dedicated communications team, where the C-suite typically oversees such projects.

In this case, the complexity of the Scorpion project's therapeutic platform required adjustments to our standard approach, since several aspects needed input from mutliple client specialists. Although our standard timeframes for client feedback were insufficient, we were flexible and extended the timeframes for client review. Nevertheless, during the project's final stages, the client team mentioned that they would have preferred additional review stages. As a result, we have incorporated this option for all future projects, to ensure that our typical process is always tailored to each client's internal procedures.

Why did we use this animation type?

To highlight the platform's key aspects, we combined high-end 3D animation with 2D animation. 2D animation is an effective communication tool for conveying complex ideas in a more schematic representation. To ensure that the whole story was communicated effectively, our graphic designers created a set of easily-comprehensible visual metaphors and icons for each of the platform's technological steps. The client gained this set of graphic elements to use for other communication purposes.

We used our high-end 3D animation to visualize the advanced molecular biology technologies of Scorpion Therapeutics' platform. Based on scientific-grade molecular modeling, this animation type is scientifically accurate and ideal for showcasing complex molecular processes and accurate molecular structures, providing the most precise results. For this project, we had to adjust our approach for one of the scenes to ensure that sensitive intellectual property regarding the exact structures was not disclosed.

Full animation

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