Science Magazine media kit for Revolution Medicines

Revolution Medicines is a clinical-stage precision oncology company focused on developing novel targeted therapies to inhibit frontier targets in RAS-addicted cancers.


Project goal

Create a versatile and eye-catching media pack, with 2D and 3D illustrations and animations, for potential inclusion in a media package about a groundbreaking scientific article to be published in the journal Science by Revolution Medicines.
Tri-complex KRAS-RMC-CYPA
CRAF molecule can't bind with KRAS
Binary complex assembly
"Communication with the Visual Science team was excellent — timely responses, together with prompt incorporation of revisions to materials, meant that the project progressed at a rapid pace which was critical given tight timelines. The Visual Science team was quick to grasp the scientific concepts we wanted to convey, and produced draft visuals which allowed the the project to move forward efficiently.

The creativity, scientific competency and professionalism of the Visual Science team not only enabled the generation of high-quality images, but also made it a pleasure to work with them.”
Illustration of the KRAS pathways
KRAS cascade interruption
Fragment of the pathway animation. CypA and KRAS

The Process

Animation type:
2D and 3D animations
Project timline:
12 days (right, days)
1 zoom call + 3 e-mail feedback sessions
Find out which of our 26 scientific animation options works best for investor relations and communications in 2023:
The project had a very tight schedule, so we had to modify our well-established workflow, which consists of 5 production steps and 4 intermediate review steps. We started the process of 3D modeling, animation and lookdev earlier than usual in order to meet the important hard deadlines. Cooperation with our client was smooth and very productive, with timely turnaround and feedback on both sides. Our expedited production approach worked perfectly for this case, allowing our team to find the right balance between the complexity of the project, the client's goals and our production resources.

Why we used this animation type?

For this project, we developed and implemented the new 2D pathway animation style, which combines beautifully rendered static visualizations, 2D infographic design with captions and labels, and a simple motion design approach. This animation type proved very effective in terms of storytelling, eye-catching, and convenience for production. The media package also included a short High-end 3D animation fragment, which can be used to visually explain the client team’s core findings.

Full pathway animation

Full animation: Tri-complex Assembly

Case study animation

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