Explainer Animation: Large-scale DNA Manufacturing Platform

Applied DNA Sciences is focused on providing supply chain authentication services across multiple industries. The company also produces linear DNA at large scale for diagnostics and vaccines through cell-free enzymatic techniques.


Project goal

Create an explainer animation on the client's large-scale therapeutic DNA production platform technology, for use on the client's website and communications.
Comparison of LineaIVT and conventional IVT
Bioreactors for manufacture of plasmid DNA
Different modifications of the DNA's blunt end
"Visual Science produced an excellent product on time and within budget. The produced visuals are stunning and very accurate. We look forward to working with Visual Science again in the future. ”
Fusion enzyme binds to the linear DNA
Industrial PCR instrument
Plasmid DNA fragment

The Process

Animation type:
3D + 2D
Project timline:
5 weeks
2 zoom calls + 4 e-mail feedback sessions
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For this project, we implemented an expedited production process to complete the animation in just 5 weeks -almost 3 weeks earlier than an average 3D and 2D animation. This was possible thanks to our well-polished production process, including a high degree of automation and simultaneous production of all scenes by our team. This expedited option can be very helpful for projects with tight deadlines, but requires excellent organization of the production and client time commitment. To enure the client's availability on specific dates for the various intermediate review steps, we planned all the meetings in advance. We'd like to thank Clay and the APDN team for their great collaboration! Our extensive experience and collection of well-assembled 3D assets in molecular, cellular, and anatomical structures enabled us to focus more on the most complex and unique aspects of the project. As a result, we were able to complete them within the short time frame.

Why we used this animation type?

Explainer animations often rely on a simple 2D style to tell a clear story, and we applied this approach for the main parts of this animation to ensure that we visualized complex concepts in a comprehensive manner. At the same time, we added eye-catching 3D scenes and backgrounds to make the animation stand out, attract more attention and work better for different audiences. We also delivered the 3D scenes as beautiful static images, for APDN use in presentations and graphic design materials.

Full animation

Case study animation

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