UBX1325 MoA in Diabetic Macular Edema

Unity Biotechnology focuses on delivering localized therapy in ophthalmologic diseases, including diabetic macular edema and age-related macular degeneration, and age-related neurologic conditions.


Project goal

Create a mixed 3D/2D explainer animation for investor communications and the client website to demonstrate the mechanism of action and clinical studies results of the company's key drug technology.
Senescent cell apoptosis
3D visualization of human face
UBX1325 in complex with BCL-xL
"The quality of the work from Visual Science was outstanding. They provide a bespoke service that was responsive to our requests and I would recommend them highly.”
Fluid pockets in the retina and data visualization
Blood vessels in the retina
Fluid pockets fromation in the retina

The Process

Animation type:
3D + 2D
Project timline:
8 weeks
3 zoom calls + 5 e-mail feedback sessions
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This animation was the second part of a dual project for which we modified our well-established production process. The project started with a quick and intensive modeling process during which we prepared static visuals for the first of two topics, which the client used at an important investor presentation. The models and visualization style developed during this step allowed us to effectively continue with the current animation. This made the whole process more time and cost-effective. We are constantly improving our flexibility and turnaround time to match the needs of the companies at different stages of development, and deliver a selection of different materials by specific deadlines.

Why did we use this animation type?

Combining 3D graphics and 2D animation enabled us to simultaneously present important clinical data and visualize the drug's mechanism of action accurately and attractively. This is the most effective approach for when the client needs to demonstrate key results and have exceptional 3D visuals as well. 3D and 2D graphics can work perfectly in unison to create a better understanding of both the structures visualized and the data presented. Over our dozens of completed projects, we have developed multiple ways to combine these styles in animations, static designs, and infographics.

Full animation

Case study animation

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