Promo-animation for Prosvescheniye Publishers electronic textbooks
Prosvescheniye Publishers
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Prosveshcheniye Publishers have developed the new generation electronic textbook that includes special materials for pupils and teachers, tools for preparing and checking homework, glossaries, references, regional content and educational applications. The electronic textbook is designed to open up new opportunities in the learning process and become the collaboration media for teachers, students, and parents. The textbook serves as a perfect complement for the traditional printed version and integrates mobile devices, computers, and electronic boards to create a united educational environment. The basic version of the product is available on any platform and can be downloaded in 30 seconds.

Visual Science created a promo-animation that illustrates the advantages of the new electronic textbook and the PDM (print, desktop, mobile) model in education. The animation will be included in the textbook and published on DVDs and mobile applications.

  • Producer:
    Ivan Konstantinov
  • Art director, designer:
    Kirill Martyanov
  • Illustrator:
    Maria Susidko
  • Animation, character animation, sound effects:
    Mikhail Ivanchuk
  • Supervising, animation, directing:
    Sergey Ivanchuk
  • Narration:
    Oleg Tryatichenko
Molecular modelling through computer graphics permits plenty of latitude for exercising artistic talent to inform, explain and instruct. Visual Science shows the way with its high quality, accurate, informative graphics that explain even the most complex processes of life.
Lewis Sadler MA, Msc.
Chief Science Officer at Visible Productions Inc., Research Assistant Prof. University of Illinois at Chicago, (US)