Immunoglobulin G AR. Real-time AR application
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An AR animated model of the antibody. The model is a part of the interactive environment in real-time augmented reality. The scene shows the molecule in different representations and guides the viewer through its components and their functions.

The full atomic resolution model of the antibody is made with a strikingly high level of detail for resource consuming real-time augmented reality. The model does not require AR markers so the viewer can place it on top of any surface and see it from different angles or tap on its components to hide and reveal them, and to learn more about their name and function. The visualization quality is also unique and made in a photorealistic style. Visual Science focuses on the development of the high quality visualization techniques in AR to make this environment more engaging communication and education tool.

Molecular modelling through computer graphics permits plenty of latitude for exercising artistic talent to inform, explain and instruct. Visual Science shows the way with its high quality, accurate, informative graphics that explain even the most complex processes of life.
Lewis Sadler MA, Msc.
Chief Science Officer at Visible Productions Inc., Research Assistant Prof. University of Illinois at Chicago, (US)